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If you have no power, call us and if we can, we will help you over the phone at no cost to you.  We can talk you through some basic steps to restore the power without the need for a service call.

The Electrical Safety Office recommends a push-button test of safety switches every three months.  Your 3-monthly electricity bill is a good reminder to test your safety switches in the switchboard on a regular basis, or even put a reminder in your mobile phone.  

To make sure they are working, just press the in-built test button on each safety switch and the switch should trip that circuit (flip from on to off).  Be aware that you will temporarily lose power during this process.  If this doesn’t happen, call us to repair.   Also for circuits with a large appliance such as an air conditioner or refrigerator or even computers, wait at least two or three minutes before you re-set the switch to avoid possible damage to the appliance.

Taylor Electrical Services recommends that safety switches be tested by a licensed electrician on a bi-annual basis to ensure current trip values and trip times are within limits and more importantly, that it is working correctly under actual conditions to keep your family safe.  Contact us to arrange an appointment.

Yes, you can supply your own lights and fans only but must have Australian Standards approval.  We have our preferred brands that we recommend and use because we know and trust the integrity of these products. 

You also need to make sure that all parts are supplied when required by us so the job can be finished without delay. 

Please note also that we offer no warranty on your own parts.  We provide a 12 month warranty that guarantees our workmanship.  We also pass on any manufacturers' warranties for any parts purchased by us that we install on your behalf. 

Contact us if you wish to discuss this further.

Yes, we have mobile credit card facilities and online bank transfer options.

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