Solar Power

Solar Power

Be powered by the sun and save money and the environment

At Taylor Electrical Services we are aware of the environment and want to help protect it for our future can too by installing solar power on your home.  Solar not only saves you money on your electricity bill but is also great for the environment and has become the norm, not the exception.  Typically, pay back will be under five years.

Gary is fully accredited by the Clean Energy Council for Grid-connect Design and Install of photovoltaic power systems.  We can guide you in the process and provide expert advice on the design of a system to suit your home and budget.  

Generous financial incentives are available under the Small Scale Renewable Scheme, by way of the customer selling the STCs that are generated by the size of the solar system being installed.  This is usually applied at the point of sale, so be aware that any advertised prices you see almost certainly have the rebate already applied.

The current legislation also has the solar rebate reducing by one-fifteenth every year from January 2017 until it drops to zero in 2032.  So please contact us now to get an obligation free quote and maximise the value of STCs at the higher rate available now.

Contact us today and start saving money and the environment.