Switchboard & Mains Upgrades

Switchboard & Mains Upgrades

Does your switchboard need an upgrade? We can help.

If your switchboard is comprised of old style fuses it might be time to upgrade to your "current" needs to give you the reliability and protection you need.  Fuses are a basic overload protection but do not have an accurate trip load point, whereas circuit breakers are designed to protect electrical installations in the event of an overload on the circuit.  Combined with a safety switch, you will have earth leakage protection as well which is highly recommended on all circuits.

Be aware that older houses didn't have as many electrical installations and appliances to run, so in the present day, the wiring might not be large enough to handle the load.  Taylor Electrical Services will inspect your property to see if it complies with current requirements.

Contact us today to speak with one of our friendly staff who can provide you with the perfect solution to:

*   upgrade your switchboard from fuses to safety switches;

*   change existing circuit breakers over to safety switches;

*   upgrade incoming mains, particularly in older style houses, to suit the demands of present day living with all the mod cons

This will provide you and your family with the ultimate protection.